im also known as pikapika. i loveee Visual Kei's!!! Rock and punk! yessu! i have a big heart for Japan!! (except for raw!) ohohoh. i also love Johnny's and wFL and avex trax.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

fcuk the computer!!

its giving me problems!! now i have to wre-tyoe everything!! dumb a**!! pissed right now..okay..YESTERDAY i went to see Lee Hom at Sunway Lagoon!! weehoo!!

it was fun, but me didn't see him face to face cause i didn't have the cd..-_- i bought jay chou instead..ahaa

i'll post up the piccus later! since my DAD took the usb device thinghy to trasfer the pics -_-''..oh well..

more songs that are nice to the ear! ohoho!

well me dont' know WHAT site i could use to right click and save i uploaded these songs to yahoo briefcase..feel free to check it out and hear it..and if you're gonna use it, pls credit me ^^ candy-holic. thx! ahaha!

and pls don't erase or add anything else! thank you!

(i'll give you the password and what not later..cause now me currently uploading ^^ thx!)

my brother is an a**hole! i hate him!!!


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